Why do we need Catteries?


The point is that "Cat's Kingdom" - is only legal organization. Yes, of course, we run exhibitions; upgrade blood and a lot more. However, our work is just impossible without Catteries.


Catteries are our face, our main components.

Our organization is known in Primorsky region for its cats have been grown in Catteries, it is known for the magnificent shows where the same cats were exhibited and won prizes.

We are proud of our Catteries.


Thanks to them we have more and more of these wonderful animals - cats in our city and region.

And all of them have great genes from champions of international and Russian shows.

We need to thank the owners for this who not sparing their own time and take care  for them.


To all the members of the organization who haven’t had time to put their Cattery advertisement on the site: join!


Remind to all registered owners: don’t forget to provide new information about your Cattery and pay for advertising

in time.


If you want to advertise your Cattery, you can do it!

Send REQUEST and we will advertise your CATTERY!



Durova Eugene Alexandrovna


Breed: Scottish

Created: 2015

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +79147170548



Eugene Cibanova

Cattery: Silk Touch

Breed: Scottish Fold

Created: 2009

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 914 705 93 43


Bivalina Eugene Pavlovna


Breedа: Mco

Created: 2016

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 924 723 16 71


Anna  Abizova

Cattery:  Mymoone

Breed: Scottish

Created: 2016


Phone number:  +7 914 733 96 94


Plehanova Valentina Ivanovna

Cattery:  Valeva Luxe

Breed: Russian Blue, Selkirk Rex

Created: 2008

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 953 218 18 93


Sobennikova Svetlana

Cattery:  Fluffyballs

Breed: Scottish Fold

Created: 2013

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number: +7 914 713 25 98


Borohova Natalia Borisovna

Cattery: Alaid Child

Breed: Kurilian Bobtail

Created: 2014

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 902 484 17 11


Sandomirova Lubov


Breed: Scottish Fold

Created: 2012

ASSOLUX  sistem

Phone number: +7 914 704 40 97


Shashkina Olga Vladimirovna

Cattery: LunaMur

Breed: Cornish Rex

Created: 2015

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 924 323 86 30


Kasian Tatiana Yurievna,

Kasian Yulia Yurievna

Cattery:   RUSTA CROWN

Breed: British SH

Created: 2013

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 950 280 42 96


Kobicheva Svetlana Sergevna

Cattery: Luxury

Breed: Maine Coon

Created: 2010

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 908 961 04 73


Kolesnikova Margarita Vasilevna


Breed: Maine Coon

Created: 2011

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 423 299 80 10,

                          +7 908 987 50 29.


Pireseva Olga Victorovna

Cattery:   Olvick Dream

Breed: Scottish

Created: 2011

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 951 021 83 81,

                          +7 914 719 74 79.


Babanina Elena Petrovna

Cattery:   Yuliver

Breed: British SH, Scottish Fold

Created: 2011

ASSOLUX sistem

Phone number:  +7 914 677 87 20


Bogoslovskaya Margarita Anatolevna


Breed:  Abyssinian, Somali

Created: 2011


Phone number:  +7 914 715 39 11