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Distance Registration

If you are in another city or region, we send a registered letter with your order to the post office.


If you live in Vladivostok, you can come to our club, take the ready order and pay at the club.


We make the order from 2 hours to 1 month .


Requirements and instructions for compliting and submiting electronic forms.


For the work in this format you must be a member of “Cat’s Kingdom” club (with paid membership fee) and have your own Cattery!




1. Forms for ordering electronic documents are made in Exсel format





2. All forms are placed in a single file, each form is located in a separate sheet, sheets are renamed according to the number of forms .


3. To see the other pages in the binder – see the colored tabs at the bottom of the file .


4. "Calculation of voluntary contributions" form is also in the same file with forms on a separate sheet , the tab titled "TOTAL".


5. These forms are intended to be sent to the office electronically in Excel format. Attention!!! Forms do NOT NEED to print and scan, submit orders ONLY in Excel format!!!


6.Store on the hard drive the file of forms that has been sent to you as an example.


When the order is placed, save the binder forms with a new file name: zakaz510-6 or zakaz4309-4, where the first two figures are the agent or Cattery code, аnd after the dash – the serial number of your order.


If you have no cattery’s number, write your name in Latin letters instead of figures. For example zakazPetrova-1.


The calculation of voluntary contributions


1. “Calculation of voluntary contributions” has the standart form and filled in accordance with the Assolux rules.


2. In the “date” field put the dispatch date of the order to the office.


3. Be sure to indicate your name, your agent number (or Cattery number) and your city.


4. For ease of colculation the form has formulas that consider both the row amount and the “sum” column, bringing the final result in the field “send to Assolux”.


If you have problems with automatic counting, make the colculation yourself and put the amount by hand.


5. If the order doesn’t mean to send documents to you by mail, don’t pay 100 rub., put 0 instead.


Requirements for completing the forms


1. All forms are filled in accordance with Assolux rules of registration.


2. All cat’s names are filled in CAPITAL LETTERS!!!


3. Address details are written in CAPITAL LETTERS in the following order:


a) street name, house number, block number, apartment number;

b) the name of the living place (town, village, etc.);

c) region name;

d) the name of the republic, territory, region (autonomous region);

e) name of the country (for other countries);

f) zip code.



4. On the top of all forms must be put the date of dispatch of the order to the office and the Cattery number.


For convenience, these fields are filled in automatically when filling in the relevant fields in the form “Colculation of voluntary contributions”.


If Autofill doesn’t work, put down the date by hand.


5. Also at the top of the forms 4, 5 and 6 must be specified in what language should be produced Pedigrees and Sertificates.

Preparing and sending the order to the office


1. Ordering the single file with the location of the forms on different sheets:


а) The file must have the name «3406-2» or 510-34. Where the first 3 or 4 figures – the Cattery or agent code, and after the dash – serial number of the order.


b) The first sheet should be Coltulation of contributions form. This sheet always are called “TOTAL”.


с) The following are the forms of document’s order. Each form must be placed on a separate sheet, the sheet shoul have the name like: «F6(2)» where F6 says what is this form and the figure in the brackets says which copy of the order is this.


d) Copy the required times the form you need. For example: if you need two forms of 6 – F6 , copy it again and call the sheet F6(2). Sort the pages in a clear sequence in accordance with the form number and the number of copies.


е) Remove empty unused in this order forms.



2. Send orders with different deadlines separately. For example: fixed-term pedigrees separate from conventional terms.


3. Send information about payment along with the order file.


Scans and names


1. We need clear black-and-white document scans in JPG format.


2. The maximum size of a single file – no more than 500 kilobytes.


3. Each file is printed on a standart A4 paper, so save the file so it can be printed on a single sheet of paper without any problems.


4. If the total amount of the letter with all the attached documents exeeds 3,5 MB, so send some part of the scans with a separate letter.


5. If you have cat’s reg. number, call the file pedigreeE1234567 or pedigree08-946. If you have no reg. number, call the file pedigreeAnitaFonSilverman (respectivelly, write the cat’s name with Latin letters put together, each part of the name with a capital letter).


6. About scan of the metric from different club – see section 5, but instead of the word “Pedigree” write the word “Matrix”. For ASSOLUX metrics – call the scan file matrix09-548 or matrix331-576-1


7. The letter to witch is attached an order call: 105-6 Order or 4309-4 Order, where the first letters – agent’s or Cattery’s code, and after the dash – the serial number of your order.


8. Send the complited order by e-mail: visalijar@mail.ru